Nursing care


Nursing care of patients with Parkinson's disease.


Our Doctors and Nurses are responsible for planning patient medication schedules. Patient mobility is increased when the patient is taught purposeful activitiesand to concentrate on the way he walks

There is hope for Parkinson's patients and of our caregivers are full Dedicated to take Care, We Provide 24x7 Nursing Care For Parkinson's people

Parkinson Disease Care Home---Parkinson's Disease Care Homes

Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological disorder that results from degeneration of neurons in a region of the brain that controls movement. Parkinson's disease (PD) belongs to a group of conditions called motor system disorders, which are the result of the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells.



Patients may have difficulty walking, talking, or completing other simple tasks. Parkinson’s disease usually affects people over the age of 50.  Early symptoms of PD are subtle and occur gradually.  In some people the disease progresses more quickly than in others.


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